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Tune in as the team from Middle of Six shares their thoughts on qualifications, proposals, interviews, websites, social media, marketing staffing, business development, and countless other strategies that architecture, engineering, and construction firms rely on to build strong brands and grow their businesses.



08. Website Refresh vs. Rebuild | October 20, 2021


When discussing major updates to your existing website, there are two paths: refresh or rebuild. Wendy Simmons and Kyle Davis talk through each option in detail, exploring what makes them different, when you might prioritize one over the other, and how to optimize your time and budget when renovating your "digital storefront."


00. Welcome to The Shortlist


The Shortlist is presented by the marketing consultants at Middle of Six. Designed specifically for AEC marketers and firm leaders, we take a deep dive on business development strategies and marketing tactics for the architecture, engineering, and construction industry. Each week, host and principal marketing strategist, Wendy Simmons, will chat with Middle of Six team members to share their experience and answer your questions. New episodes drop every Wednesday!


01. Planning for Prepositioning | September 27, 2021


Marketers are often planners by nature. Or maybe by "nurture" after juggling a multitude of proposals in a reactive mode. While responding to RFQs and RFPs is a major component of an AEC marketer's role, supporting your business developers to better preposition the firm is equally important. Middle of Six principals Wendy Simmons and Melissa English discuss their experiences and industry best practices for prepositioning planning, including how to leverage data, create accountability, and use resources to solidify your marketing strategy.


02. Recipe for a Successful Team, Part 1 | September 27, 2021


Meet Allison Tivnon, Middle of Six pursuit strategist and the author of Marketing at Low Tide: How to Recession-Proof Your Marketing Team. In this two-part discussion, we focus on the elements and structure that make for a successful marketing team. Whether you are a ‘department of one’ or one of many, we'll look at the skills necessary to support your firm and keep your sanity!


03. Recipe for a Successful Team, Part 2 | September 27, 2021


What specific skill sets make for the strongest marketing teams? In part two of our conversation with Allison Tivnon, we take a closer look at developed skills and natural talents that make a great team, redefining mentorship, and what to look for when recruiting new team members.


04. Website Audit | September 27, 2021


In business-to-business and AEC marketing, there is sometimes a belief that you "don't win work from the website." But have you ever wondered if a poor web presence is costing you projects or recruiting opportunities? What if you haven't even been invited to the conversation because of incorrect contact information, broken links, online forms that go to nowhere, or worse? Enter the website audit—a simple tool you can use to identify your website's strengths and weaknesses. Is it meeting your firm's objectives, or is it a candidate for a full rebuild? Kyle Davis walks us through the Middle of Six process with tips for in-house teams.


05. Building Brand Awareness | September 27, 2021


From speaking engagements, sponsorships, and submitting for awards to client care, public relations, and industry associations, the toolkit for brand awareness is large and a key function of the AEC marketer's responsibilities. Dig into effective brand awareness tactics with Middle of Six principals Wendy Simmons and Melissa English as we explore this topic, including assessing fit for your firm, getting buy-in, and reporting on ROI of a brand awareness campaign.  


06. Right-Sized Marketing Teams | October 06, 2021


AEC Marketing departments typically have too much to do and too few resources to do it. This leads to overworked staff, quality control issues, and unfulfilled department goals. So, what is the right size marketing team for your firm? Allison Tivnon talks about how to collect and leverage data to discover where your time and resources are currently going and decide where they should be going.

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07. Proposal Strategy Matrix | October 13, 2021


Is it just us or is the thought of being disqualified in the pursuit process the stuff of nightmares? Enter the Proposal Strategy and Responsibility Matrix. In this episode, Wendy Simmons and Pursuit Strategist Rachel West break down Middle of Six's pursuit planning document, sharing topics ranging from common booby-traps to best practices to ensure you and your team are set up for success!