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26. Creating Your Brand Identity


Every company has a brand identity that sits somewhere on the spectrum between bold and diluted. In this episode, Wendy Simmons and Rachel West untangle and define the five major components of brand identity including brand values, brand message/promise, brand personality, brand voice, and visual brand identity. No matter if you're working with a hundred-year-old brand or launching a startup, what are the best ways to develop and hone these elements? And who should participate in that process? Plus, get a quick download on Middle of Six's brand identity and how it has evolved since day one.


00. Welcome to The Shortlist


The Shortlist is presented by the marketing consultants at Middle of Six. Designed specifically for AEC marketers and firm leaders, we take a deep dive on business development strategies and marketing tactics for the architecture, engineering, and construction industry. Each week, host and principal marketing strategist, Wendy Simmons, will chat with Middle of Six team members to share their experience and answer your questions. New episodes drop every Wednesday!


01. Planning for Prepositioning | September 27, 202


02. Recipe for a Successful Team, Part 1 | September 27, 2021


03. Recipe for a Successful Team, Part 2 | September 27, 2021


04. Website Audit | September 27, 2021



05. Building Brand Awareness | September 27, 2021



06. Right-Sized Marketing Teams | October 06, 2021



07. Proposal Strategy Matrix | October 13, 2021


08. Website Refresh vs. Rebuild | October 20, 2021

09-Sharing Your Expertise.jpg

09. Sharing Your Expertise | October 27, 2021

10-Which SM Platform is Right for Your Firm.jpg

10. Which Social Media Platform is Right for Your Firm? | November 3, 2021


11-All Things Instagram.jpg

11. All About Instagram | November 17, 2021


12. Departments of One | December 1, 2021


13. The Value of Storytelling | December 15, 2021


14. AEC Marketing Predictions for 2022 | December 29, 2021


15. Building (and Implementing!) an Annual Marketing Calendar
Part 1: Check-up Checklist |
January 12, 2022 | 
Download the checklist here 


16. Building (and Implementing!) an Annual Marketing Calendar
Part 2: Proposal Peaks |
January 12, 2022


17. Building (and Implementing!) an Annual Marketing Calendar
Part 3: Creating the Calendar |
January 12, 2022


18. Interview Prep Checklist | January 26, 2022

19. Characters in Every Interview | February 9, 2022


20. Virtual Interviews | February 23, 2022


21. 10 Tips for Business Writing | March 9, 2022

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22. Interview Red Flag Warnings: Early Signs You Might Be Headed For a Loss | March 23, 2022

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23. 10 Graphic Design and Workflow Tips | April 6, 2022

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24. Tackling Cover Letters | April 20, 2022

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25. Math People vs Art People | May 4, 2022