Who Wants to Party? Relationship Building Through Client Events

Updated: Aug 9, 2019

With summer (and golf season) right around the corner, marketing, business development, and executive teams are about to go into serious event mode. And the most common question: is this a good ROI? The answer: absolutely, if you take the right approach.

Since business has so much to do with relationships, it’s important to carve out some time to socialize with clients and project partners – outside the office and away from the job site. Keep these best practices in mind as you’re making event decisions and your company will come out on top at the end of this busy season.

Focus on People  

Knowing someone beyond email means being interested and engaged in their success. It also means you probably have each other’s backs when work gets tough and know who to call when you need a problem solved.

Be Selective to Build Strength

It’s impossible to be friends with everyone, so use your time wisely and set a goal to develop a handful of lasting business relationships each year. Being intentional about how you spend your time makes it easier to plan events that match the interest of your targeted connections.

Think Beyond the Golf Course

Enjoying a sunny day hitting the links can be a great way to connect with people across your industry, but if you only focus on one type of event, you’re missing a lot of opportunities with those of us who don’t have a single-digit handicap.

It’s OK to Show Off

The AEC industry has no shortage of opportunities to share our latest projects and innovations. It’s a real win-win when people get to see and learn new things from your team. Plan a project tour or a lunch to maximize your effort and connect your talented people with your potential next client.

For example, Middle of Six helped Auburn Mechanical host a client event at their recently completed Pike Place MarketFront project. As the full-mechanical contractor, they wanted to highlight the outstanding craftsmanship on the exposed HVAC system and the piping associated with Old Stove Brewery. What better way than show off the beautiful space over a cold beer?

Thinking about planning an event but want a few extra hands? We can help; drop us a line!

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