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Making Socially Distant Client & Employee Connections

Over the last several months, our team has become increasingly mindful of the power and importance of personal connection. With plans for traditional in-person events left in question, there’s an opportunity to make meaningful connections with employees and clients by welcoming them back to the office, building camaraderie, and celebrating the excitement of being together again.

Not only that, with summer in full swing, now is the best time to develop year-end client gift campaigns that help your firm stand out.

At Middle of Six, gifting is an opportunity to flex our creative muscles and implement our most imaginative ideas. For the biggest impact, curating a custom gift kit can offer that increasingly important personal touch. Crowd pleasing ideas include themed happy hour kits, healthy food snack kits, work from home survival kits, or what we did – a gratitude and connection kit. Here’s why our “Good Vibes Inside” campaign was such a hit.

Good Vibes Inside

The goal of our 2019 client holiday gift was to create a memorable, personal experience. We developed a custom-designed appreciation toolbox as an expression of our heartfelt gratitude for each of our clients. We also hoped to inspire people to pass on the “good vibes” by providing all the need tools.

To ensure our gift box stood out amidst the swell of holiday greetings, we mailed the boxes before Thanksgiving, intentionally ahead of the December holidays. Another great option is to schedule deliveries after the New Year when the rush is over.

Middle of Six client gifting campaign "Good Vibes Inside"
"At Middle of Six, gifting is an opportunity to flex our creative muscles and implement our most imaginative ideas."

Each element of the toolbox was a thoughtful reflection of Middle of Six’s brand, with every detail curated down to the branded stickers that held the tissue paper together. The custom-designed box was printed (by Fantastapack) on both the outside and inside with Middle of Six branding and Middle of Six pencils (by 4imprint) tied with ribbon.

The boxes also held three custom thank-you cards (by Moo) and stamped envelopes, secured with a gold clip. Even the font used on each gold foil note card was a subtle nod to Middle of Six’s identity. We intentionally excluded our logo from the cards, allowing our clients to send “good vibes” to any recipient for any occasion. If someone wanted to use the card to send a note to their grandmother, mission accomplished!

Also included in each box was a bar of Frans chocolate and a handwritten note. All of these elements combined to create an artful impression, a memorable experience, and warm encouragement to use the cards and envelopes provided to say, “thank you”, something we don’t always take the time to do.

“I had to call because your gift and note brought tears to my eyes. So creative and thoughtful.” Kris Beason, VP HITT Construction

Want to Make a Meaningful Connection? If you’d like assistance creating a one-of-a-kind gifting campaign for your team or clients, give us a call! We’re full of good vibes (and good ideas).

If you’re looking for ideas on how to create greater connection with your teams and clients on a regular basis, watch our recent webinar and panel discussion “Facilitating Collaboration & Creativity (Even Remotely)” for some excellent options.


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