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You can juggle a million demands on the tightest deadlines. It’s what you do best and what you love about your work. But it can be difficult to quickly scale marketing resources and maintain the high-quality, targeted work that your firm requires. Hell ifm fdsahfoasd

We understand the struggle and, as in-house marketers, we've lived it. That's why we created Middle of Six, an agile team ready to jump in and assist or take the lead so you can focus on what you do best.


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 Wendy Simmons
Principal Marketing Strategist
“I stumbled into the AEC industry 15 years ago and fell in love with being a part of a city’s transformation. There isn’t one piece of the process that I don’t find fascinating; but my true passion is bringing a fresh perspective to teams and packaging their expertise to support their strategic goals.”
Melissa Richey English
Principal Marketing Strategist
“For two decades, I’ve worked as a storyteller, connector, and advisor to engineers and architects. Guided by my strategic nature, I understand how to communicate the unique value they bring to win the right projects with the right clients.”
Susan O'Leary
Operations Manager
“I support our operations by ensuring that internal processes run smoothly, quality standards are maintained, and company policies prioritize the health, well-being, and values of the Middle of Six team.” 
Kyle Davis
Marketing & Communications
“I’m proud to have swung a hammer as a third-generation carpenter; and having worked with my dad, I know what it means to put your name on what you’ve built and to stand behind it. As a marketer, I learn what makes a client special and utilize SEO, SEM, video, and digital media to amplify those strengths.”
 Allison Tivnon
Pursuit Strategist
“Straddling the internal and external worlds of AEC marketing is where I like to be: Tinkering ‘under the hood’ on a firm’s marketing engine to achieve full use and efficiency of resources while also helping deliver resonant and meaningful proposals as our clients pursue work and new relationships.”
Rachel West
Pursuit Strategist
“My approach balances strategy with personality. Translating our clients’ visions into meaningful marketing, communication, and brand strategies
is endlessly inspiring.”
“As a graphic designer with over a decade of experience in the AEC industry, I love finding creative and unusual ways to help clients stand out from the rest. And I always try to have a little fun throughout the process, even when up against a deadline, because good work results from people who enjoy working together.”
 Becky Ellison
Senior Creative Strategist
Abigail Clark
Graphic Designer
“Graphic design is a practice of strategic planning and building—resembling the work that our AEC clients do. There is so much beauty and possibility in combining these two worlds.”
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